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Secret Government Projects

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The Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations permitted sensitive technology and nuclear materials to be transferred to Japan despite laws and treaties preventing such transfers. Highly sensitive technology on plutonium separation . . . was turned

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According to reports from the Daily Kos and Russia Today, a company specializing in night raid equipment was awarded a 23 million dollar contract from the Department of Defense and subsequently went on to lobby for the NDAA which has given the govern

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International Business Times

Continuing its "AntiSec" activities against corporate and government targets, hacking collective Anonymous broke into a server operated by Booz-Allen on Monday, disclosing log-in credentials including 90,000 military email addresses and passwords.

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Within the chairman’s mark of the 2012 Defense Authorization bill is language that would allow DoD to carry out clandestine operations in cyberspace against targets located outside the United States and to defend against all attacks on DoD assets.

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Americans For Constitutional Gov Reform

.... Our State Dept. is using undisclosed amounts of US tax dollars to build and renovate Islamic Mosques in 27 different countries. They do this under an ‘outreach’ program with the purpose of fostering ‘good will’ in Muslim countries. The state dep

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