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Water Issues-Water Fluoridation

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The Survival Mom

Most families in populated areas rely on city water supplies for clean water. In a disaster, though, that water source may be disrupted. Choose one of these simple yet effective ways to collect rainwater in urban and suburban areas and make sure you

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The stated mission of modern science is to dominate and control nature. It was born of the philosophies of Francis Bacon who suggested we could learn "to command nature in action", and of René Descartes who wrote that mankind could become "the

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These are places you can find in a typical urban, suburban environment and with a little knowledge and a few tools, they will provide water that can be easily processed giving you a precious gallon or two to ensure your survival.

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Berkey Filters

With a heavy heart, we must announce that, your trusted distributor of Berkey products, is closing its doors. As we navigate this difficult transition, we are deeply grateful for the trust and loyalty you've shown us over the many y

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Berkey Filters

In the late 90's Todd Emerson, fire Captain, husband, and dad to three, convinced his wife to take out a loan on their Plymouth minivan and cash in her retirement funds. He had discovered Berkey water filters, and thought there might be an opportun

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