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Water Issues-Water Fluoridation

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Even though it's vitally important for people in impoverished nations to check drinking water sources for pollutants, they often lack the facilities for performing such tests. A new system could help, as it uses a smartphone camera to check up on tin

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If only plants could talk, what tidings they could share! Fortunately for farmers, an agricultural company has 'translated' the biochemical signal related to certain plant behavior, allowing them to 'listen' to plants cries for water when the

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Fourteen years ago, Heriberto Sevilla came across a ranch on the outskirts of Madera set among fields of stalk grass and bright wildflowers. Pepper trees dotted the meadow, and children played in the natural lakes created by heavy rains.

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Fluoride Alert

"These findings provide additional evidence that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxicant … and the benchmark results should inspire a revision of water-fluoride recommendations aimed at protecting pregnant women and young children."

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Water (or should I say lack of water) has been in the news a lot recently, including on the OP. The Western United States is suffering a mega-drought while Brazil is experiencing the worst drought in almost a century. Droughts aren't the only thing

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UC Santa Cruz is investigating this method as a possible generator of solar energy that would allow for the saving of 63.5 billion gallons of water from evaporation annually, a massive windfall for a state that sometimes rations water and which regul