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Water Issues-Water Fluoridation

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The projected global spending on water and waste-water services is steadily increasing: from US$ 576 billion in 2006, to US$ 772 billion in 2015, to over US$1 trillion in 2025. The projected expenditure on water infrastructure as percentage of GDP wi

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The Organic Prepper by Daisy Luther

If you aren't already storing and conserving water, it is absolutely your top preparedness priority as our country suffers from the drought that has now reached epic proportions. Forget, for now, about the beans and rice – how are you going to co

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Although a certain amount of fluoride is added to municipal water supplies to help prevent tooth decay, too much can actually have the opposite effect – particularly on children. A new device could allow officials to detect those overly-high levels

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(Natural News) Back in the 1930s, scientists decided that adding fluoride to drinking water would protect teeth from decay. Bacteria in the mouth produces acid when sugary foods are eaten, and this acid, in turn, damages the surface of the teeth, wea

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Graphene Leaders Canada has its new GLC+™ WATER TECHNOLOGIES PLATFORM. The platform offers a disruptive solution to water pollution and remediation and is based on years of expertise in graphene solutions work with a keen focus in water filtration.