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By: Caitlin Johnstone

The one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine has seen countless emotional news segments and heartstring-plucking articles, wall-to-wall social media posts, and public demonstrations decrying the evils of Vladimir Putin throughout the west

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I could set this up by explaining how for 20 years the bane of my existence has been dealing with journalists most of whom are 30 IQ points less intelligent than they believe themselves to be, and a few so thick I am surprised they are allowed out of

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The Washington Post has a weird new article out citing multiple anonymous US officials saying that the Chinese "spy balloon" we've been hearing about for the last two weeks was never intended for a surveillance mission over North America at all.

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USA Today raised some eyebrows when it deviated from the usual narrative by acknowledging "little by little" Russia is winning the ground war in a pivotal area of Ukraine, citing a quote given by a pro-Ukraine spokeswoman.

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Establishment mouthpiece CNN - an integral part of both the Russiagate hoax and the Hunter Biden laptop coverup, has dropped to just 444,000 average primetime viewers between January 16 and January 22, according to Nielsen.