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MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)

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The Washington Post has always been a CIA asset. The CIA used the Washington Post to orchestrate the Watergate narrative used to drive President Nixon out of office.

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While the CIA's and the Pentagon's assets within the U.S. mainstream press continue to portray Russia as the aggressor in the Ukraine matter, they continue to ignore, or, even worse, support, the U.S. government's evil actions against Cuba for

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Adam Andrzejewski, founder of and a frequent guest contributor to Zero Hedge (who most certainly does not get his talking points from the KGB), and who was also - until very recently - a contributor to Forbes, told Tucker Carlson on

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While the collapse of public trust in the mainstream media is nothing new, with Forbes recently reporting that "Fewer Americans than ever before trust the mainstream media", it is only a much more recent phenomenon that members of the media's highest

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It all began 42 years ago -- Ted Turner's creation of a 24/7 news network that would exist on something called cable TV. Few believed it could succeed.