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Longtime readers know that this website was defunded in June 2021. While this was incredibly stressful for the team of people that rely on The Organic Prepper as a source of income, in a perverse way, it's a badge of honor.

Article Image By DAVID BAUDER

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC's most popular personality, said Monday she will be taking a hiatus from her prime time show until April to work on a new podcast and that a movie is being made of her first book and podcast about former Vice President Spiro Ag

Article Image, By Dave Hodges

One of the few people in the mainstream media who is truly a patriot, Dan Bongino, was just terminated on Youtube. He was terminate for agreeing with the CDC and Fauci on masks.

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The Highwire with Del Bigtree

After a year of shaming vaccine hesitant Americans, media heavyweight Geraldo Rivera was forced to eat crow on live TV after the triple vaccinated pundit tested positive for Covid.

Article Image by QTR's Fringe Fina

I am encouraged by the fact that the mainstream media and the elites who set the narrative for them have found it necessary to take on Joe Rogan head-on.