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Article Image By Corey Charlton

Man with world's largest penis is now registered disabled because his 18inch member is so big… but he refuses to get a reduction

Article Image By Felix Allen

Real-life Stranger Things base 'uses creepy mass mind control to trigger shootings across the world', conspiracy theorist claims Chris Garetano claims he has evidence sinister mind-control experiments are continuing at Camp Hero in Montauk, New

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I found the Mueller Sanitarium for the Chronically Ill a few blocks from a place I worked back in the 1980s. It sits almost by itself, at least if you don't count parking lots, and only a block or so from a rapid transit train. It's tucked in bet

Article Image By Valerie Strauss

There is huge news in the science world: Scientists just announced that they have detected gravitational waves from the merging of two black holes in deep space -- something predicted a century ago by Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity

Article Image By Nick Pisa

United Airlines under fire again as giant bunny's breeder slams airline for cremating Simon without her consent Former Playboy model Annette Edwards had called for a post-mortem but later learned the bunny's body had been burned

Article Image, David Szondy

The good news: The Loch Ness Monster has been captured on sonar by an underwater robot operated by the British division of Norway's Kongsberg Maritime. The bad news: "Nessie" is a prop from a Sherlock Holmes film that sank in the loch in 1969.

Article Image By Gareth Davies

Lonely Japanese man who amassed a SIX-TON pile of dirty magazines died when it collapsed on top of him... and his body wasn't found for six months