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Did I do this before? Have I become better as technology has become better, And more dangerous and lethal and without conscience The drone technology that distinguishes a desert hilltop from the next desert

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In this charming talk, artist Aparna Rao shows us her latest work: cool, cartoony sculptures (with neat robotic tricks underneath them) that play with your perception -- and crave your attention. Take a few minutes to simply be delighted.

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Louis K. Meisel likes to let you know that he doesn’t care for famous graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat’s paintings — which sell for millions of dollars — because he thinks they don’t show much skill.

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British street art superstar Banksy said police prevented him from creating a new piece of art in New York as promised on each day of the month. “Today’s art has been cancelled due to police activity,” he wrote in a blank window on his website banksy

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Making clouds out of drug store cotton balls. Diorama madre from cotton, salt, cooked sugar, tin foil, feathers & canvas. (This guy is AWESOME!! - Ed)

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Swiss artist and photographer Fabian Oefner is on a mission to make eye-catching art from everyday science. In this charming talk, he shows off some recent psychedelic images, including photographs of crystals as they interact with soundwaves.

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