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Ask the Experts II provides a platform to some of the world's most outspoken and heavily censored medical professionals to express their views on the validity of the global pandemic and the safety & efficacy of the COVID-19 Vaccines, the masks and th

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Dr. David Brownstein, who has a clinic just outside of Detroit, Michigan, has successfully treated over 200 patients with what has become my favorite intervention for COVID-19 and other upper respiratory infections, namely nebulized hydrogen peroxide

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Eric Peters Autos

A reader asks a question about the effect of weaponized hypochondria on dating and relationships; I thought it would be of interest to explore this at some length.

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In the video above, Dr. Ted Noel is among the latest to use common sense and reason to argue that masks don't work to stop aerosol virus transmission. He uses a vaping device and several different types of masks -- including disposable and cloth

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Childrens Health Defense

CHD (Childrens Health Defense) is calling on anyone who has suffered a vaccine side effect to do three things: file a report on the U.S. government's VAERS website, report the injury on and also here, on the CHD website.

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Call to Expose the Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the WHO, the CDC, the Mayo Clinic, et al for Their Pseudoscience, Their Abandonment of Medical Ethical Principles, Their Vaccinology-illiteracy and/or Their Co

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We Are Change - Luke Rudkowski

They Knew This Was Coming And Did NOTHING! In this video, we break down the hypocrisy and complete government mismanagement of the sickness response.