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Eric Peters Autos

Practically everyone who takes one of these tests test positive. For financial and political reasons. There is money and power to be made.

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This will likely postpone the next debate, although the Biden campaign might use it to avoid future debates altogether. Expect Biden to also take a test - and to basically stop campaigning if the result is positive as well.

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Once the social, economic and medical implications of COVID-19 had a hold on society, all eyes turned from nearly every other environmental and health-related concern to focus solely on the controversies and debates about how to treat and contain the

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Natural News - Cassie B

She said that antibodies are "biological drugs we make ourselves." These infection-fighting proteins are made by the body to fight off any foreign invaders. The body can create millions of them, activating the perfect one for a particular virus a

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TEN million daily Covid tests will be dished out to get Brits back to the footie, theatre and their mate's house under new Government plans costing £100billion.

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Eric Peters Autos

Hysterical people can't be reasoned with - and when hysterical people appear (being Diapered) to outnumber you, there is pressure to not stick out by not showing your face.

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Of course, because I'm a dreamer, I start off an essay like this with the idea that I should do an all-encompassing idea of COVID19, all around the world no less, for the rest of 2020, and beyond.