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Del Bigtree - The Highwire

Dr. Kaufman's Inconvenient Truth About SARS-CoV-2; Disney Channel Star Risks Everything; Big Pharma's New Toy; Andy Wakefield's New Film

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Vaxxter - By James Grundvig

For too long now, health officials sold us that donning masks and other face coverings, such as bandanas, would somehow slow the spread of the nano-sized virus, SARS-CoV2, which causes the symptom complex referred to as COVID-19. Their theory doesn

Article Image, By Joseph Mercola

In a June 22, 2020, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service press release,1 Damien Downing, president of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, outlines how we could resolve the COVID-19 pandemic in 30 days for about $2 per person, simply by takin

Article Image, Dr. Jeffrey Dach, MD

Back in March at the beginning of the COVID 19 outbreak, the highly respected Stanford Epidemiologist John Ioannidis drew heavy criticism for expressing his view that governments were making decisions without reliable data.

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LewRockwell.Com - Joseph Mercola

Even though the COVID-19 mortality curve has been flattened, mainstream media outlets continue to push doomsday predictions of an impending explosion of deaths.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Why hasn't US Occupational Safety and Health Administration bothered to do any testing on the potential negative effects of mandatory workplace face masks? An increasing number of individuals has tested C02 level build-up inside masks using OSHA-appr

Article Image, Peter Hitchens

Every day I still see unhappy, frightened people cringing from human contact. They have been terrified almost out of their minds by foolish government propaganda, and the most basic trust, the very heart of civilisation, has been destroyed.

Article Image, Tyler Durden

When you walk out of your house, or enter the public street, you are on shared ground, a community space. During the pandemic of 2020, community spaces that are private venues, like Disney, have closed down just as often as community spaces that are

Article Image, Jon Rappoport

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport says government leaders are issuing edicts on the scientific and medical advice of officials surrounding them who are true believers in the novel virus because their bosses told them that it exists. However, no

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In order to "flatten" the curve while still processing in opening up America masks have become a big topic in the conversation. Some people hate them while some hate people for not wearing them enough. In this video Patrick Bet-David looks at the r

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