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Cancer victims forgotten, vital operations cancelled and ghost town A&Es where patients fear to tread - a devastating exposé of how those WITHOUT coronavirus are shamefully left behind

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Mercola -

Remarkably, prominent physicians have been paraded in the media saying it's impossible to strengthen your immune system to beat the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It's hard to understand this kind of ignorance still pervades the conventional medical system

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H8St8 at

H8St8 commentary on Del Bigtree's excellent video. A New York doctor treating COVID-19 patients drops bombshell observations. He had to step down from his ICU position to stop killing patients with the inappropriate and dangerous "standard protocol

News Link • Global Reported By Mike Swatek
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Jacob Hornberger -

As I continue to emphasize, there is only one way out of the deadly coronavirus morass -- a free-market healthcare system. A genuine free-market healthcare system -- one in which healthcare and the state are totally separated -- one in which the g