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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Many podcasts and prognosticators are busy today making predictions of what to expect in 2024. We are taking a different approach. Today we bring you a few things you can bet will NOT happen in the new year.

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Ron Paul Institute - Ron Paul

In the closing days of 2023, the Biden Administration once again announced a large military aid package for Ukraine, this time a "mere" quarter of a billion dollars.

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RV Lifestyle

Our 2024 RV Predictions have some good news and bad for those who love the RV Lifestyle. That's what we talk about this week in Episode 478 of the RV Podcast.

Article Image - Karen Kwiatkowski

Despite all of my disastrously wrong past predictions, I cannot resist sharing my thoughts on the coming year.

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Activist Post

It is within this growing body of the partially aware that the New Year needs to bring with it a shift into taking responsibility for becoming fully aware - and taking the actions that, when enough engage in them, will bring about a crucial tipping

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