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I had a closed door meeting with the late with the former Senior Noncom in NATO, Robert O. Dean, who died on October 11, was active in UFO research for many years. In the 1960s he read a document called "UFO Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible T

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Only in Florida! 6,000 buy $24.95 alien abduction insurance policies offering $10M payouts for psychiatric care and 'sarcasm coverage' for mockery following an extra terrestrial experience (and it has paid out to one abductee)

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enemy planes will also make it easier to pinpoint unexplained objects, expert says...New trackers on U.S. fighter jets could make it easier for them to detect UFOs, an aviation expert has said. The infrared search and track systems (IRSTs) are de

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The footage begins by showing a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona, US. Once it reaches the far left-hand side, two objects come into view. They seem to be in formation and in tandem as they make their way over the fam

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interviews Mike Adams...(Natural News) Based on the urgency of the revelations that are now undeniable, I've decided to go public with information that shows Earth is being terraformed and prepared for a "post-human era." At the same time, huma