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A series of rechargeable batteries located in the I.F.O's outer disk power each engine...With a backup battery pack installed in the centre of the capsule body, the vehicle's estimated flight time ranges between sixty and seventy minutes. Read

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It's quite remarkable how many verified statements we have regarding UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and extraterrestrials from people who have held the highest positions possible within the government, military, academia, politics and more.

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How are the governments installing and maintaining all this gigantic equipment in outer space. This video provides some very important insights into who,what,when,where and how. The creative director behind this amazing documentary is dead.

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This team of engineers first built models and tested them for stress in wind tunnels. They also worked on aviation fuels for the new jet motors. Throughout their terms of service, Hadden and McLane chaffed to get out of the round wing engineering fun