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 I am amazed at the response I have seen about Joe Wilson's outburst in Congress last evening. We all scream daily about the lies and illegal acts done by our government yet when one man has the guts to publicly denounce a liar he is shunned by everyone? I personally think this was the best thing that anyone has done in years. Joe has stood and yelled his opposition to a blatant lie.

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Justin Buell

Every time I accompany my mom to the doctors office, I notice a curiously popular sentiment among the drivers on the road. Almost every single car, usually pick-up trucks, carries the ever-so popular bumper sticker: “Out of the job yet? Keep buying foreign!” Much like all the “Buy American” signs, and “Support Your Country” mantra, this has actually become a well received idea.

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China has imposed a requirement for its stimulus projects to use domestically made goods -- a move that could strain ties with trading partners after Beijing criticized Washington's "Buy American" stimulus provisions.

Projects must obtain official permission to use imported goods, said an order issued by China's main planning agency and eight other government bodies.


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The U.S. trade deficit widened in April for a second month as some of the world’s largest economies continued to contract, pushing exports to the lowest level in almost three years. The gap between imports and exports grew 2.2 percent to $29.2 billion, in line with forecasts, from a revised $28.5 billion in March that was larger than