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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

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We've always questioned what wars in the future would be like. To answer that mystery is Yevgeny Kuznetsov, a member of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign Defense Policy, head of Singularity University in Moscow, who told Russian state-owned new

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The tiny self-folding robot birds were made by experts from the United States Each is 60 microns wide and made from a sheet of material only 30 atoms thick The sheet is a 'shape memory actuator' which folds when zapped with voltage In future, tiny

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What a difference 400 years makes! AI 'Mayflower' will make groundbreaking crew-less crossing of Atlantic next month powered by solar energy: Craft will chart same 3,000-mile route taken by ship that brought 102 Pilgrims to America in 1620

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Although certain celebrities are widely considered to be nice-looking, beauty does still ultimately lie in the eye of the beholder. A new AI-based system is able to ascertain which features are found most attractive by individual people, and then cre