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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

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A couple of years ago, we heard how Ford was supplying its assembly plant employees with an assistive exoskeleton called the EksoVest. Now, the maker of that device has unveiled a lighter and limberer but just as capable model.

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Next Big Future

Neuralink is recruiting for great engineers to make brain repair affordable and reliable. They implanted brain read-write devices into brains in pigs. They have received emergency FDA approval in July and will soon implant into humans in clinical tri

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Major U.S. financial services company Capital One has filed a new patent application for a cryptocurrency analysis and trading system that will attempt to predict crypto market trends and generate trading decisions using artificial intelligence (AI).

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Autopilot has been around longer than you think. Indeed, in 1914, just 11 years after the Wright Brothers first ushered humanity into the aviation age, a fellow named Lawrence Sperry built a gyroscopic self-stabilization system into a Curtiss C-2.