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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

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Specifically, Technocrat Musk wants to merge human consciousness with Artificial Intelligence in order to give us hyper-intelligence and save humanity from a future machine uprising. Keep in mind that Musk's grandfather, Dr. Joshua Haldeman, was

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With the backing of aviation giant Boeing and a pilotless, 13-rotor transitioning VTOL airframe called Cora from Kitty Hawk, Wisk Aero is preparing to launch an autonomous air taxi service trial on the South Island of New Zealand, complete with actua

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The NASA Assemblers project is a recently awarded Early Career Initiative (ECI) proposal led out of NASA's Langley Research Center, seeks to advance the technology, including hardware and software, that would allow autonomous in-space assembly, a c

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The port of Yokohama will play host to a colossal, walking Gundam robot for a year starting this October. With 24 degrees of motion, it'll be the most advanced full-sized Gundam ever built, and the engineering challenge of making it work is enormous.

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According to agricultural machinery manufacturer Kubota, there are now fewer farmers in Japan, trying to manage increasingly large amounts of land. With that problem in mind, the company recently unveiled a concept for helping those farmers out – a

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Nvidia uses machine learning computers that blend source photos to create hyper-realistic photo images of people that never existed. Computers are already able to generate fake video from images, making people appear to say and do things they never d

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Are Humans The Next To Be Hacked? The New "Arms Race" Actually Over A.I. Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei and Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari spoke on a panel about the advent of artificial intelligence at the dangers of an AI "arms race" at the Worl