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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

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Given how deadly and destructive lightning can be, it would certainly be good to know in advance where and when it was going to strike. A new artificial intelligence-based system could help, utilizing nothing but standard weather-station data.

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Press For Truth

The United States Military is calling on its technological partners to develop an automated artificially intelligent system capable of scanning the entire internet to locate and censor content that it considers to be so called "fake news". The De

Article Image News Link • Global by Loz Blain

The Ripsaw "luxury sports tank" is one of the most extreme and obnoxious vehicles we've ever laid our eyes on. But now, the technology's getting back to its military roots as a remote-controlled, multi-domain "wingman" for US Army operations.

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With all the craziness happening in California politics, it is hard to determine the real reason why the State Legislature banned facial recognition software for the next 3 years. Nevertheless, Californians will enjoy a greater measure of privacy tha

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End Times Headlines

It's likely that most people locked in our jails believe that with a better lawyer, a more lenient judge or a more understanding jury things might have been very different for them. Human error, they will say, is to blame for them being banged up.

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech By Sissi Cao

If Silicon Valley were to put a team of tech bros together on a project to merge computers and people, the lineup wouldn't be complete without car and rocket man Elon Musk and the Valley's most dubious robot, Mark Zuckerberg.

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