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Speaking in a video conference organized by the Peterson Institute, turbo money printer Jerome Powell today reassured the market that negative rates are not something the Fed - which expanded its balance sheet by $2.6 trillion in the past two months

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Get ready to pay much more for groceries. I have been warning that the flood of new money that the Federal Reserve and Congress have been pumping into the system would have very serious consequences, and I have also been warning that food prices wou

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Not even at the depths of the 2008 financial crisis, did the man who unleashed the biggest asset bubble in history, Ben Bernanke, dare to cross the bridge into the final circle of moral hazard hell by refusing to openly monetize corporate bonds (or s

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The 1Q GDP data releases for the US and euro area this week provide official confirmation of what we have known for some time – the recession has started. However, we remain of the view that this downturn will be sharper but shorter than the GFC.

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Responding indirectly to Jeff Gunlach's late Friday tweet, in which the bond king observed something we had noted previously, namely that "the Fed has not actually bought any Corporate Bonds via the shell company set up to circumvent the restrictions