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Federal Reserve

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In our report from last night that JPM has halted all non-government guaranteed small business loans on what we surmised was fears of a default tsunami set to hit America's companies, we asked "just how bad is it going to get" and implicitly, if not

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Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

We got the answer this morning when the Federal Reserve announced its latest series of sweeping, unprecedented action to backstop the credit pillars supporting the entire economy and provide as much as $2.3 trillion in additional loans during the cor

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In a first, small step toward reopening the country, the Trump administration could relax coronavirus guidelines as early as Wednesday to make it easier for Americans who have been exposed but have no symptoms to return to work, particularly those in

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Last month's 3Y auction, which tailed by 2.7bps or the most in at least 4 years, was ugly as a result of the total chaos that hit the market in the second week of March as both the oil price war and the corona pandemic hit at the same time, and led t