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Voting and Elections

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Things have probably never been more dangerous than they are today. At least, not since election day, 1860. Whatever the outcome of this election, it could result in something like what happened after that election.

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Shocking...Chairman Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Bill Gates says 20% voting centers are having issues w/tabulators. He says the ballot can still be dropped in the box, it will just get centrally tabulated tonight. He says they're working to

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When You Vote, Remember Who Has Recently Most Hurt Women

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Anticipation for the midterm elections tomorrow is running at fever pitch. Socialists (liberals) and progressives (communists) are in absolute meltdown to the point of madness Republicans are likely to regain control of the House and hopefully, the

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Even if every close Senate race broke in Republicans' favor, and the new Republican majority was determined to pass a pro-liberty agenda, there still would not be the votes to override President Biden's vetoes, or Chuck Schumer's filibusters.

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News With Views - Steven Yates

There is hope, and it is growing as we come nearer to November 8. Much of that hope lies with Lake and other newcomers to the political scene -- most of them outsiders, as was Trump.

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