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If non-government Technocrats have access to this kind of dystopian GPS data, then governments have it too. Harvesting data is a Technocrat passion that has no limit, and the use of that data has no moral or ethical boundaries. Everything is tracked,

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Dr Pharnq Tamburri (Trump Report) on Trump, Kanye ('Ye') censorship, Midterms, Tulsi Gabbard endorses Kari Lake, Border Issues (Biden orders AZ Gov Ducey to remove shipping containers at border wall), Economy, etc...

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As several major polls show Americans are shifting dramatically away from supporting Ukraine, GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy has said that shoveling yet more money to Kiev will not be automatic should control of the House shift after the November el

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Tudor Dixon, the Trump-endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate in Michigan, made a strong showing in her debate Thursday evening against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) that focused on abortion, the second amendment, education, and the economy.

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Williamson County, Tennessee discovered that their Dominion ballot-counting machines were giving fake results, simply by counting on Post-it notes as 169 ballots were being fed into a Dominion machine, and noting that the machine only counted 79 of t

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Politico's new owner may lean right, but the rag's founding editor, John F. Harris, said in a Thursday column that the Constitution must be rewritten to stop former President Donald Trump - who he calls a "constitutional menace" who exploited the Con

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is being accused of election interference after threatening to use "tools" if the wrong election result is achieved in Italy's national elections, set to take place this Sunday, Sept. 25.