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Voting and Elections

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Article Image News Link • Global by Tyler Durden

In what is emerging as another major electoral surprise, the first German exit polls are in and they show a far stronger performance by the CDU/CSU bloc compared to initial expectations, putting it neck and neck with the Social Democrats according to

Article Image News Link • Global, By Stew Peters Show

Well despite being lied to and deceived like the rest of us, and even after being thrown directly under the bus and then put on display by the lying media and publicly defamed on a world stage, Sydney Powell is still riding into battle for President

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Dan Dicks - Press for Truth

The Canadian (s)election is over and Justin Trudeau has once again been selected as prime minister of Canada. The illusion of choice was so blatantly obvious and on top of that Maxime Bernier was clearly not given a fair chance! Meanwhile Project Ver

Article Image News Link • Global, Amanda Coletta, Bryan Pietsch

Hours after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed that he wouldn't back down in the face of the "anti-vaxxer mobs," protesters -- many of them opposed to coronavirus vaccinations and public health measures -- threw gravel at him at a campaign s

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