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Article Image News Link • Global, by QTR's Fringe Fin

Friend of Fringe Finance Lawrence Lepard released his most recent investor letter a few days ago with his updated take on the seismic changes occurring in monetary policy globally as a result of the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

Article Image News Link • Global, by Dave DeCamp

India is considering a proposal from Russia to use a messaging system developed by the Russian central bank for bilateral payments as New Delhi isn't following the US-led economic campaign against Moscow, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.

Article Image News Link • Global by Tyler Durden

Say what you will about Germans, they have a distinct hate-hate relationship with hyperinflation, having been one of the very few "developed" nations to experience it in the not too distant past courtesy of Rudy von Havenstein's application of "Moder

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John Sneisen - The Economic Truth Report - Odysee

In this video, John goes into what he sees as signs of the fall of the US Empire. Many are betting on China to take the throne from the US and become the next empire, but I ask whether the next empire will be China or a cabal of Global Elites run thr

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