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Over a decade since central bankers started a stealthy nationalization of capital markets by purchasing a wide range of securities from Trasuries, to MBS, to corporate bonds, to ETFs and single stocks, their actions are finally catching up to them, a

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The Liberty Advisor - Tim Picciott - John Sneisen

Now, watch as CFP Tim Picciott and world economic historian John Sneisen discuss the following events in world financial news: * Parallels to the Great Depression * Government overreach and infringing on individual's rights * Donald Trump's positio

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Before analyzing the emergency plans that the global economy needs, we must remember that, as in the past, the prudence and responsibility of the civil society and businesses will help us to get out of this crisis.

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Some readers might accuse us of being alarmist and rattling the cages unnecessarily at a time of public panic, but we've always felt that investors should hear a range of perspectives, especially if some of it is uncomfortable.

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As German's industrial auto giants shutter production at their domestic factories as the number of confirmed cases in Deutscheland climbs into 5-digit territory, domestic newsmagazine Handelsblatt revived reports about a coming suspension of Germany'

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Late on Tuesday, WTI plunged as low as $26.20 taking out the lows from the 2015/2016 oil recession, and sending it to a level last seen when US president was George W. Bush, people were listening to Get Busy by Sean Paul and Dogville was one of the m