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Norway's US$1-trillion fund - the world's biggest sovereign wealth fund - sent shockwaves through global markets nearly two years ago when it said in November 2017 that it recommended the removal of oil and gas stocks - around US$35 billion worth

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Zimbabwe's economic situation will continue to sour in 2H19 due to unfavorable weather conditions, foreign currency shortages and widespread power cuts, its finance minister said, as he responded to a deteriorating economic outlook by blacking...

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For years, European banks were leery of passing on the ECB's negative -0.40% deposit rate to their clients for fears of deposit flight and other unintended consequences, in the process being forced to "eat" the difference and impacting their interest

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Global debt is currently at $246.5 trillion and primarily in the Wealthier, Consumer Nations of the world. The population of young in Consumer Nations has fallen 12% or over 100 million Since Peaking in 1975. Debt on a per capita basis gauged again

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Almost eight year ago, we first presented a chart first created by JPMorgan's Michael Cembalest, which showed very simply and vividly that reserve currencies don't last forever, and that in the not too distant future, the US Dollar would also lose it

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The world's largest central banks are preparing for a policy u-turn, some have questioned whether 'more of the same' from the ECB will be enough to revive the continent's moribund economy. In fact, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink speculated that the ECB wo

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The auto industry continues to look like a bursting bubble in progress and all around sad state of affairs, despite low rates and the "prosperity" of the stock market hitting new all time highs. Meanwhile, under the surface of those numbers, the actu

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Italian debt is on fire today, enjoying one of its best intraday returns on record, with the 30Y Italian bond yield plunging by a whopping 27bps to 2.595%, 10Y yields sliding as low as 1.61%,the lowest since October 2016, and the spread to German Bun