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Contagion from the recent surge in Italian yields has spread, and is hitting Spanish 10Y yields which over the past 3 days have blown out from 1.65% to as high as 1.82% this morning, before paring some of the move, printing at 1.77% last which is sti

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Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

A China in crisis plays well for Trump, demonstrating the success of his economic campaigns. Sure, he can afford a few job losses, or, who blinks first? Xi knows China won't win an economic battle with Trump's US. What other cards does Xi hold?

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The two main holders of United States Treasuries, the countries of China and Japan, have dumped the dollar. Both nations have dramatically cut their ownership of notes and bonds in August, according to the latest figures from the US Treasury Departme

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Finance professor John Griffin, along with his doctoral student companion, Amin Shams, were the two academics that drew market-moving conclusions about bitcoin last year, while the digital currency was trading around $20,000.

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China's central bank announced it would cut the Required Reserve Ratio (RRR) for most banks by 1.0% effective October 15 for the fourth time in 2018, a little over three months after the PBOC announced a smaller, 0.5% cut on June 24, as Beijing seeks

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In retrospect, the bond rout which sent 10Y Treasury yields to the highest level since 2011 should have been obvious - after all just over a week ago, Dennis Gartman decided to go long "bonds and bond-link funds" in his retirement account, in additio

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Back in April, BofA analyst Barnaby Martin suggested that in order to mitigate the potential fallout from the end of the ECB's QE, the European Central Bank could engage in an "Operation Twist" to flatten the curve and keep term premiums low, or in o