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Israel has killed multiple times as many people since October 7 as were killed on October 7, has caused many times more destruction since October 7 than was caused on October 7, and has inflicted many times more pain and suffering since October 7 tha

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When referring to military aid to the Israeli government, American interventionists often use the pronoun "we." "We need to stand with Israel in this time of crisis," they exclaim. "We need to send military armaments and money to Israel."

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The savage attacks Hamas inflicted upon the Israeli military and civilian population last week are utterly without justification, but not without explanation.

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J.J. Carrell returns to DailyClout in an interview with Dr. Naomi Wolf to discuss the horrors of recent events in Israel, the current crisis at the border of the United States, and the increasing concern that 80,000 plus SIAs are somewhere in America

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I have a prediction to make with respect to Israel's retaliation against the people of Gaza in response to the recent attack by Hamas on Israeli citizens. I predict that Israel's response will not end up settling the longstanding dispute between

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The understanding that has informed my work for over a decade now is this--that there is a eugenics program afoot and that it is being expressed in certain domestic agendas, such as the war against the elderly and disabled being deployed via court a

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Zero Hedge

By 4pm New York time yesterday, 70% of bettors on the Manifold prediction market believed that to be the case. By 5am Wednesday, the percentage of bettors believing the IDF bombed the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza had dropped to just 7%.