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Eric Peters Autos

What if the Kayfabe is to have Trump take back the title belt – after thoroughly and satisfyingly suplexing and camel-clutching the senile old grifter – and then hit Trump over the head with a real chair, in the form of a collapsing economy?

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Dennis Prager - Prager U

Have you heard of NewsGuard? Its mission is to "counter misinformation on behalf of readers, brands, and democracies." In other words, it "guards" the news by telling you what you can and cannot trust. Of course, this begs the question: can y

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Here is something that was thrown in my face at a relatively early age, as I began to think seriously and independently: So, the world is wrong and you're right!?

Article Image - Karen Kwiatkowski

It is no longer a matter of waking up. It is a matter for a serious discussions, in every household and in every family, in every organization, and around the world, about what might come next and how we might survive it.

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In Artis Shepherd's recent article, which I highly recommend, he aptly detailed the numerous benefits of homeschooling and data showing that homeschooled students--far from being socially stunted...