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Harry Vox (Investigative Journalist on the pandemic scenario plans put forth by just one of the many NWO players - Dr Judy Mikovits (PhD Molecular Biology, Biochemistry) on the coming forced vaccination plot, petition for congressional t

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The coronavirus vaccine is still - according to the most optimistic projections provided by Dr. Anthony Fauci - at least 18 months away (Dr. Fauci reaffirmed during yesterday's Senate testimony the expected timeline for a vaccine is 18-24 months, or

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Dozens of Chinese "propaganda" centers still operate across the United States, even as U.S. lawmakers debate how to hold the communist country accountable for withholding information about the coronavirus, which originated in China's Wuhan province.

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President Trump demanded on Sunday that NBC fire "Meet The Press" host Chuck Todd, after the network admitted to 'inadvertently cutting short' a sound byte from Attorney General William Barr regarding the DOJ's decision to move to dismiss the Michael