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Privacy Rights

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When public-private partnerships are created around sensitive public data, the public will always lose because the private company is not limited by the expected ethics of government to protect and defend. The only way to stop this practice is to sto

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American Policy Center -Tom DeWeese

Most people have been led to believe that Real ID and E-Verify are the answers to controlling illegal immigration and make us safer from fraud, and even terrorist attacks. Not so.

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Monero Talk via

Harry Halpin on Crypto-Anarchism, NYM, and Monero! Maintaining Privacy at the network level for crypto currencies, messages and everything else. This might be the "Pirate" solution to money.

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If data is the new oil of the 21st century, then banks have more than anyone… on your purchases, travels, habits, etc. Now they are figuring out ways to sell your data to the highest bidder, paying you nothing in return. ? TN Editor

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Total surveillance is the dystopian harbinger of Technocracy, and make no doubt that our own government is leading us straight into it. Agencies like DHS should be dismantled and terminated. No citizen can or will see the danger of total surveilla

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Google and its parent Alphabet have become embroiled in so many legal disputes with regulators pertaining to the company's handling of private user data, it's become difficult to keep track.