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The modern state of mass surveillance and data gathering is concerning, and the more you learn, the more overwhelming it becomes... but we need to take more control over our devices, and more responsibility over our data.

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One of the more interesting facets of GPS is that, at least from the receiver's point-of-view, it's a fairly passive system. All of the information beamed down from the satellites is out in the ether, all the time, free for anyone on the planet t

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International Man - Nick Giambruno

"If I disappear, make sure this gets out." That's what Mark Miller, a young student at Yale, told his closest friends. He knew what he was sitting on had revolutionary potential and that powerful people had disappeared others for much les

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Microsoft Director and Kymeta board member, Tren Griffin, asked about my estimation of active SpaceX Starlink capacity. Here is my clarification of my process and analysis using an estimation of theoretical orbital communication capacity as a metric