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Which are the best Secure Instant Messaging Apps for 2021? We will discuss Signal, XMPP (Jabber), Matrix.Org (Element), Briar, Threema, Session, and compare them to Whatsapp. We will cover only those apps that are open source, support both 2-part and

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ClearPHONE is a new type of privacy-first smartphone that runs Android apps but also gives consumers total control over their internet experience by blocking ads, cookies, trackers, behavior profiling, phishing, viruses, spyware, malware -- and if d

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Even though Windows 7 reached its official end-of-life date in January 2020, there are still tens of millions of people using the operating system globally. Those users need support not only from Microsoft but software developers, too.

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The Hawaii County Council, which represents the entire Big Island of Hawaii and over 200,000 residents, overwhelmingly passed a resolution in July 2020 calling for wireless companies to halt 5G deployments, citing health and environmental risks. The