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Restore The Republic

Presidential candidates from ALL parties have been invited to a debate on Restore The Republic Radio OCT 9th at 9 p.m. (eastern). Let's just see who will participate. Hopefully hard questions and even better REAL answers will be given by those in

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World Net Daily

The government of Kenya is holding WND senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi in custody after police picked him up at his hotel just prior to a scheduled news conference in which he planned to announce the findings of his investigation into Barack Obama

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Now the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Palin may appear on Saturday Night Live herself, potentially to make fun of Fey's American Express commercials.

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John McCain is pulling out of Michigan, according to two Republicans, a stunning move a month away from Election Day that indicates the difficulty Republicans are having in finding blue states to put in play.

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McCain has urged the Bush administration to bypass the will of Congress and invoke executive orders to pass the bailout bill, along with a further $1 trillion dollar spend on buying up bad mortgage debt. Watch the video for yourself.

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Huffington Post

"John McCain made the morning show rounds today. On Fox they were virtually begging him to 'suspend' his campaign again in the wake of the bailout failure yesterday on the Hill. You know, since it worked out so well...

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Republican Sen. John McCain [responding to similar Obama proposal] backed increasing the limit on bank deposits guaranteed by the federal government [actually the taxpayers] to $250,000 from its current level of $100,000.

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Karen Kwiatkowski for

At the first presidential debate, the candidates of the Left-Right Party Ra’ed the bailout, Ra’ed the war, and Boom-di-A’ed the Warfare-Welfare State of America.