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Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings

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Ice Age Farmer -

Farmers in France and Croatia are standing up to EU policies that are designed to end traditional farming and ranching: Even as a new seed law CRIMINALIZES traditional seed saving, drones and satellites are launched to monitor all fishing in realtime

Article Image News Link • Global, by Robert Wheeler

The protests and riots that engulfed the United States just before the election seem to have calmed down. However, you only need to turn on the news to see that random protests and mob street action are popping up all across the country.

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Organic Prepper - by Terry Trahan

...Hostage Situation. Recently, a protest in Rochester, New York, turned into a hostage situation when activists took control of a grocery store turning more than 100 shoppers into hostages. What can you do to give yourself the best chances of surviv