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As the shooting of a man in Portland last night intensifies Americans' fears about mounting violent crime and the increasingly out of control "protest movement" spawned by the killing of George Floyd, the Financial Times has chosen to write a story a

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President Trump has slammed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who placed the blame for nationwide violence squarely on the president's shoulders on Sunday following the Saturday night killing of a Trump supporter on the streets of Portland.

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NOTE: I am operating under the assumption that the killing was related to the unrest. It seems the most plausible considering the clashes. HOWEVER, we don't have direct confirmation of why it happened. I believe it is imperative I stress this point e

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Man 'in a Patriot Prayer hat' is shot dead in Portland during violent clashes between Trump supporters and BLM: Chaos on the 95th night of unrest after caravan of 600 cars waving MAGA flags drove into the city and confronted protesters

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As Jacob Blake Jr. remains handcuffed in a hospital bed, paralyzed from the waist down after he was shot seven times by Kenosha police last week, his father, Jacob Blake Sr., joined CNN's Anderson Cooper on Friday for an interview.

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Sandia Labs - America's premiere government-funded nuclear weapons design lab, has taken aggressive action against an employee, Casey Peterson, who produced a viral video "pushing back on the narrative of modern systemic racism and white privilege."