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Chicago: Walid Mouhammad, the owner of a convenience store, is suing the city for police inaction after his store was robbed for the second time on August 9th, resulting in massive damage and the theft of an ATM machine. Mouhammad had invested $300,0

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A viral clip has been making its way around the internet, featuring a pack of Portland BLM protesters viciously beating a man on the street, ending only after a man - who has yet to be arrested - kicking him in the head from behind.

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"In my opinion, behind-the-scenes actors, who compelled people to take to the streets, are trying to start a revolution. What is happening now in the United States has a lot of signs similar to those that took place in Russia before the overthrow o

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In Northern regions of an unstable country, a battle broke out yesterday in the streets of a small city. Meanwhile, in the Southeastern corridor, protesters continue to clash over control of a monument, and in the North East, rebels have been battlin

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Tracy Packer (Owner of June's Cafe in Heber, AZ) on why she decided to go against the mask mandate for her business and the issues that follow - Dr Judy Mikovits provides an update on vaccines/education/mandates, the release of the full Plandemic mov