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Glenn Cripe (Language of Liberty) & Jacek Spendel (Project AZ) w/ Pablo Jorge Garcia (Bolivia), Benjamin Frormann (Germany), NeNe Kolbaia (Georgie), and Myra Huang (Wuhang, China) - LIVE STREAM starting @ 5:30 pm EST Mon March 2, 2020

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Gov. Doug Ducey and GOP leadership in the House and Senate have killed a controversial ballot referral that would have asked voters to amend the state Constitution to ban sanctuary jurisdictions after the legislation sparked sharp criticism and mount

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Arizona Senator David Farnsworth accused his colleague, Republican Senator Kate Brophy McGee, of threatening his life after he refused to stop investigating possible links between missing children in the state's child-welfare and foster-care system

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The Attorneys For Freedom 480-755-7110 7

Attorney Marc J. Victor Interviewed About DPS Trooper Tremaine Jackson Who Was Arrested For Sex Acts. Attorneys Marc J. Victor and Jody Broaddus of The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm represents several victims of Mr. Jackson. These crimes were all co