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Washington is still reeling from Peter Strzok's testimony on Capitol Hill, where House lawmakers grilled him about his efforts to use FBI government power to try to stop President Donald Trump's campaign and current presidency.

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Sen. Rand Paul expressed concern of former CIA director John Brennan's anti-Trump bias and what he did while "harboring" that hate when he was in charge of the agency. Paul told FOX News host Martha MacCallum that Brennan is a "Trump hater" and "comp

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The counterattack on those, including Senator Robert Kennedy's children, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, claiming that Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy involving at least a second gunman,

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Jeff Bezos,as dastardly as he is, represents the new economy. However, he's not satisfied with that. He wants to enter your home and your car. He wants the keys to locks. Amazon, owners of the Washington Post and partnered with the CIA, wants acces

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By Tyler Durden Zero Hedge

Survivors and families of those who were affected by Project MK-Ultra, also called the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) mind control program, administered at McGill University's Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal are preparing a cl

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Following two weeks of mounting speculation over the FBI's so-called "mole" inside the Trump campaign, the New York Times and Washington Post published separate accounts on Friday detailing the infiltration of the Trump campaign