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Rumble - Tore Says Show

Freedom is a fundamental concept that encompasses the ability to exercise one's rights and make choices without undue restraint. It is a cherished ideal that empowers individuals to live their lives according to their own beliefs and values.

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Daniel Ellsberg died on June 16, and he remains one of the nation's most prominent whistleblowers who leaked secret government information to the public. Upon his death the general consensus among the writers of memorials for Ellsberg was that he was

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It was clear that Dan summoned much of his remaining strength to leave an unambiguous message to people of conscience as to why they should blow the whistle on government lies, as he did, but NOW, not later.

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The People's Voice

The chief accountant at Ukraine's Burisma Energy, who offered to provide US authorities with damning evidence regarding financial crimes involving Joe and Hunter Biden, has been found dead before she could testify.

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