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Ernest takes the show on the road and broadcasts live from the Pacific Northwest - Columbia River in Washington State - Guest is Dale Williams. Topics include Freedom's Phoenix Headline and Top Tech News, various libertarian and liberty issues, etc..

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Antennas made of carbon nanotube films are just as efficient as copper for wireless applications, according to researchers at Rice University's Brown School of Engineering. They're also tougher, more flexible and can essentially be painted onto d

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More and more people are utilizing their smartphones for underwater photography, but there's a problem with using a watertight housing made just for your device – it's useless when you change phones. The Xpoovv, however, works with a wide range of

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Out of all the speculation about the fallout from Washington's Huawei blacklisting, this analyst comment offers perhaps the most spectacularly apt summation of what's in store for Huawei's smartphone business now that Google has suspended its Android

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The robot cleaners we have tidying up our houses in the 21st century continue to get smarter and more efficient – such as the Narwal, which combines both vacuuming and mopping in one device, and can even replenish its own water tanks when it's done

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With Verizon having switched on its 5G wireless network in two markets this week - Chicago and Minneapolis, the folks over at TechRadar hit the streets of Chicago after the Verizon launch event with the only working 5G handset they could get their ha