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Episode 221. Starship SN15 has been moved to the pad. Elon Musk discusses landing strategies. Crew Dragon moves to a different docking port in preperation for the next Dragon launches. Starlink places more satellites in orbit. A couple SpaceX ships a

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The craft has two components: a servicer satellite that will collect the debris, and a smaller "client satellite." The latter component is a piece of replica debris meant to simulate the kind of trash that future probes like ELSA-d will collect i

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In 2014, no less an authority than NASA proclaimed in peer-reviewed papers that it was getting mysterious thrust from the EmDrive, a strange, brassy trumpet of a thing that its creators claimed could produce thrust with no propellant.

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Episode 220. Today we discuss the week's Starship activities - from SN11's explosion to SN15's imminent move to the pad. Learn about the current Crew Dragon launch timeline and Inspiration4's newest passengers. Finishing with Starlink's next launch d