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Space Travel and Exploration

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Article Image News Link • Global, by Tyler Durden

The US Air Force recently announced the opening of a new high-tech lab which it says will be used by the recently established Space Force (USSF) to test advanced materials and designs for space vehicles such as satellites and spacecraft.

Article Image News Link • Global by David Szondy

Having conquered space toilets, NASA, with crowd-sourcer HeroX, have announced a new challenge that invites the public to submit novel ways to unload lunar payloads. NASA's Lunar Delivery Challenge is offering US$25,000 in prizes for the best ideas

Article Image News Link • Global, By David Szondy

NASA and ESA have formally entered into a partnership agreement for building NASA's Artemis Gateway deep space outpost. The agreement signed on Tuesday is part of the US effort to attract international partners for the lunar exploration project.

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech, Brian Wang

NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) has confirmed, for the first time, water on the sunlit surface of the Moon. This means water could all over the moon and not just in permanently shadowed craters mostly near the north

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech by Jordan Pearson

"A piece of primordial rock that has witnessed our solar system's entire history may now be ready to come home for generations of scientific discovery," said a NASA scientist of the U.S.'s first attempt to return an asteroid sample to Earth.