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Hawaii, North Carolina and New York are delaying refunds this year. Minnesota delayed some business tax refunds last year and may do so again. Alabama is waiting to send out millions of dollars in refunds until it has the cash.

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Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke used a Dallas Regional Chamber luncheon on Wednesday to tell the American people what flibbertigibbetty fools we are.

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"It's Time To Part Company", Walter Williams on secession. - "Congress Is a Criminal Syndicate", Gerald Celente - "It's Coming, and It's Far Worse Than Real ID" Obama, totalitarian national biometric ID, and his GOP allies. Article by Alex Newman.

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Despite all this government help, lenders have continued to turn their backs on riskier borrowers, driving students to the government’s direct lending program. With the banks enjoying heavy subsidies while failing in their mission, Obama campaigned i

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