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Patrick Lovell is the producer of 5 part docu-series The Con. The Con is an in-depth investigation into the 2008 financial crisis nine years in the making, Who did it, why it happened and how our country went from "of, for and by the people," to

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For a very long time we have been warned that a U.S. economic collapse was inevitably coming, and now it is here. Fear of COVID-19 and unprecedented civil unrest in our major cities have combined to plunge us into a historic economic downturn, and n

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One of the world's major credit-rating companies fired a warning shot regarding the U.S.'s worsening public finances on Friday, just as lawmakers in Washington contemplate spending more to combat the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic

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Well, the Virus Patrol sure has done it. In a fit of reckless overkill they have managed to vaporize six years of economic growth during the last 90 days. And that's just by the mechanical reckoning of the GDP accounts, where total output in Q2 wei

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John Sneisen (The Economic Truth) on the economy; precious metals - Eric Shine (former Lieutenant and merchant marine officer) comes on the show to talk about DHS, TSA, USCG and information about [un-Constitutional] "Adminstrative State" -- Dr Phran