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Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech, By Loz Blain

Australian scientists claim they've worked out a much cheaper, more efficient way to split hydrogen out of water, using easily sourced iron and nickel catalysts instead of expensive, rare ruthenium, platinum and iridium catalysts favored by current l

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech by Brian Wang

This is an update of the system under development by John Brophy and his team and it will use a kilometer-scale, multi-hundred-megawatt phased-array laser to beam power to a vehicle that converts it to electrical power for a multi-megawatt electric p

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech

YouTube - Fully Charged Show

In this episode of Fully Charged News, Robert Llewellyn starts out remaining neutral about the Tesla Cybertruck launch, discusses the new Ford Mustang electric car then tries not to get too ranty about Cobalt use in refining fossil fuels and the prob