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Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

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"Sexual predation by police officers happens far more often than people in the business are willing to admit."--Former Seattle police chief Norm Stamper

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Vaccine showdown in the Windy City: Nearly 50% of Chicago's 13,000-strong police force could be put on unpaid LEAVE for ignoring Mayor Lori Lightfoot's mandate: Leaving metropolis at mercy of criminals

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Crime is surging in American cities, but the official data leave out the most frequent source of highway robberies. More than 400 cities have set up red light cameras that are institutionalized racketeering that subverts public safety.

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There are those who think that the so-called riot or so-called insurrection in the Capitol last January justified the killing of Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran who was shot dead by a still-unidentified Capitol police officer during the melee.